natiOnal institute of occupatiOnal safety and health (NIOSH)

To be the Leading Centre of Excellence in Occupational Safety and Health. 

To be the preferred partner in enhancing Occupational Safety & Health 

NIOSH Background 

December 1, 1992 marked a new era in the promotion of Occupational Safety and Health in Malaysia. On this day the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) was launched, after careful preparation and commitment from all parties to improve the safety and health of workers at the workplace in Malaysia. In the words of the Minister of Human Resources, Malaysia, NIOSH would be a "critical catalyst" in the promotion of occupational safety and health that would also serve as the "backbone" to create a "self-regulating occupational safety and health culture" in Malaysia.
NIOSH was established on 24 June 1992 as a Company Limited by Guarantee, under the Malaysian Companies Act, 1965. As a company, NIOSH is expected to operate efficiently and with minimal administrative bureaucracy. The NIOSH Board of Directors comprises of 15 Board members, ten of which are appointed by the Government while the remaining are elected by NIOSH members during the Annual General Meeting (AGM). This makes NIOSH different from similar institutions in other countries. NIOSH was set up with a RM1 million Launching Grant from the Government and a further RM50 million Endowment Fund (RM40 million from the Social Security Organization (SOCSO) of Malaysia and a further RM 10 million from the Malaysian Government), which will be invested, and the return of investment will be used to partly finance the operation of NIOSH. 

NIOSH Corporate Values

  1. Professional & Personal Integrity - NIOSH expects loyalty and honesty from its staff and service providers from the aspects of moral principals.
  2. Honesty - Interaction must be free from falsehood, prelence and deceit.
  3. Commitment - All NIOSH staff members must illustrate their commitment at the maximum level.
  4. Transparency --Work-related procedures and systems must be transparent to eliminate vested interest.
  5. Technical Expertise - All NIOSH staff members must illustrate comprehensive technical knowledge.
  6. Quality - All products and services associated with NIOSH must be of the highest quality.
  7. Human Resource Development - NIOSH promotes continuous human resource development to improve personal capability.
  8. Teamwork - All staff members display high commitment by ensuring the objective of teamwork is achived.
  9. Leadership - All staff members display excellent leadership qualities/levels.
  10. Communication - All staff members must constantlypractise effective communication.

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